Why you may want to bump into me at Dublin Tech Summit

There are a few good reasons why it may be worthwhile having a 15-minute chat with me at Dublin Tech Summit.

Dublin Tech Summit is taking place 18 and 19 April and that’s about enough time into the future for our calendars to line up anyway. That and we’d probably exchange 15 very helpful minutes with each other.

You are probably a CEO with 6 to 26 employees.

Little more in the trenches than you care to admit, you may even like it at times as it feels comfortable with your Expert, Functional days not that far behind you. You are well aware the CEO needs to be a little more center stage and happy to be more of a generalist than a deep dive expert – while you can ride that wave most days, you are less in the lead than is ideal.
I reckon 15-minutes over an RDS-catered coffee would be just enough time for us to get a real sense of who in my network should know you, whether we’d be a match of some kind and have one more reasonably cool person to add to your own network.
If we did make the effort to say hi at Dublin Tech Summit and didn’t get a chance to properly meet after all that, then perhaps we could make time to meet at yours, for 90-minutes sometime later in May.

I offer CEOs a complimentary 90-minute, on-site, RESET FOR RESULTS workshop

That gives you 3 very practical ways to move out of the trenches and into the lead. Details on that workshop can be found here.
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