Fancy a 15-min coffee at Inspirefest, 21-22 June 18, Dublin Ireland?

We’re booked to attend #Inspirefest this year and we’re already filling the diary with 15 minute coffees while we’re there. Don’t suppose you’re planning to attend? If you are, should we find an appropriate time to bump into each other?

What is Inspirefest?

This is our first year attending so we’ll go with the summary on their website for now and we find ourselves lingering on the words; festival, technology science, design, and legendary. Right up our alley then.

Who typically attends these things?

Great question. We see they have a strong mix in favour of women over men and creatives over corporates. Since we have not yet attended this festival prior, we figured it would be best to share the answer from Inspirefest themselves. (and there you have it! we are already being contradicted with a very prominent line up of corporates then. )

Why should we find time for a 15-minute coffee?

Chances are, we’d know at least 2 people who should know you. That one’s easy. The other reasons likely only become clear somewhere in minute 7 of our 15. If we find we’re not well matched, then 15-minutes was a fast way to reach that conclusion. If you want to connect sooner, you can find us here on linkedin or nudge us for a coffee somewhere central

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